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Direct from the
Concert Stage
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This is how
a soundman
hears music

Live concert recordings with live concert energy,
recorded directly from the mixing board, by a
soundman called Max. This is Max Sound.

Featuring Live Performances by
Ave - Today * Mary Ellen Moore
ChoirGirlz * Christian von der Goltz
Moses Revolution * Soltribe * Syncona
Harbourfront Chorus * Evergreen Gamelin
and more.

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Hi. I'm Max. Professionally, I'm a Soundman.
In live concert productions, I try to provide Max Sound.

As an audio engineer, I mix music for live concert performances, in music clubs, at cultural festivals, for corporate gigs and community events.

Maybe you've never known a soundman. A soundman is usually an invisible person, located in the back of the club, behind the sound equipment.

The guy in the soundbooth. That's me. Max, the sound guy.

I've worked with some amazing musicians over the years, from Starchild to SouperJazz to the Garden Party Dance Band. And I've produced lots of shows featuring performers like Captain Sunshine and The Magic Circle, Heavens Radio, and The ChoirGirlz.

My favorite singer is my wife, Mamie Moore, a singer in the Choir Girlz, who performs an interesting acapella number called Angel Wings in this special collection.

Over the years, I recorded some great performances, sometimes on ratty equipment like minidisks and cassettes. And still they sound good.

Achieving studio quality sound in live concerts is the goal, and these live concert recordings sound like studio recordings.


Live Concert Sound is better than living room sound, that's my philosophy.
There's a quality to live sound that everyone loves.

Live sound has more heart. You can hear music
anywhere, but you can FEEL live concert sound.

One might ask, why is live concert sound better than living room sound - because a live concert creates larger sound vibrations.

It's an energy thing. An audience at a concert feels like they're inside a vibrating sound bubble. It's a question of how much you can feel the vibe.

Live shows have more vibe, as in sound vibrations.

At a live concert, sound vibrations come in waves, vibrating all around us and vibrating inside us.

When you listen to Max Sound recordings, you can feel the sound vibrations, especially when you turn the volume up to concert levels.

The louder you play this special collection of live concert recordings, the more you can feel the sound vibrations.

Some say live concert recordings are not studio perfect, for it's only one take in front of a crowd. Still, these musicians created musical magic, and the magic was recorded for everyone to hear.

Every soundbite tells a story and the story of
Max Sound lives on in this very vibrational music collection.


My favourite concert performances are included in this Max Sound Collection of Live Concert Recordings.

The first song in the collection, AVE - TODAY, is one of the most beautiful piano solos ever recorded, in my humble opinion.

We recorded AVE - TODAY in an Ottawa piano lounge called Fridays, with patrons sitting around a baby grand piano, sometimes banging their drinks on the piano bar to mess up the recordings. Their drunken laughter still echoes in my brain.

To make the piano sound like five pianos, we used five microphones. It took two hours to place the microphones in their perfect locations for recording the song.

And then, for an encore, the piano player lost the original master tape between gigs. The musical life did him in, but I had a cassette copy, which is what we hear as the first song on the album, Ave - Today.

The second song in the collection is a swinging version of WABASH CANNONBALL with jazz virtuoso, BOBBY MILITELLO.

As Dave Brubeck's sideman, Bobby Militello is known as one of the world's great saxophonists. This recording comes from a Bobby Militello Show at Toronto's Pilot Tavern as part of the Toronto Jazz Festival.

The SYNCONA dance number, JUMPIN' JUMPIN' was performed in an open air park in Toronto's Greektown. People were dancing under the stars with this music, and they wanted to party all night.

Syncona's bandleader and featured singer, Dick Smith is famous in Toronto's theatre world as the Lion King percussionist, and a brilliant drummer.

MOSES REVOLUTION's rocking version of MELODY IN ME HEAD, also had people dancing, but indoors, on a rainy day, at Toronto's Harbourfront Center.

For the Moses Revolution Concert, we had set up the sound system outdoors, for an on air radio broadcast, but the rain drove us indoors.

All the sound gear had to be moved inside quickly and set up in a rush, so the radio broadcast could start on time. And still the audience kept dancing.

SOLTRIBE's performance of LEAVE THIS PLACE is a special memory. The band was delayed in traffic. We had 20 minutes to set up their equipment for a CBC radio show.

Setting up a band in 20 minutes is like mission impossible, but we did it, with seconds to spare.

I plugged in the last cable as the CBC Director yelled, "We're on the air. Start the music."

Soltribe performed brilliantly. The sound gods were with us that day. You can hear how Soltribe was musically inspired, in the Max Sound Collection.

MAUREEN BROWN is another award winner, with a voice that grabs your heart and won't let go, when she sings "EVERY DAY I GET THE BLUES".

Maureen has a unique drumming style which pushes her musicians to achieve musical heights. With her very original approach to establishing the rhythm, Maureen Brown and her musical friends provide an inspired musical experience.

The HARBOURFRONT CHORUS performed the song, A QUIET CENTER, in a local community centre.

There's something about singing voices that microphones love. Some say, the most interesting musical instrument is the human voice.

In the world of singing, the CHOIRGIRLZ are known as supurb songstylists. The way Dorothy McDonall sings CHOCOLATE BLUES is pure passion.

Performing Chocolate Blues at an Artfestivus Party, The ChoirGirlz are only three voices and a guitar but they create an orchestra of sound with their multi-part harmonies. The ChoirGirlz virtuoso guitarist is Debbie Fleming.

MARY ELLEN MOORE recorded ANGEL WINGS accapella, not on a stage, but in her living room before an audience of children, as they played together in Mrs Songbird's Daycare Centre. I recorded her singing as she entertained the kids.

In this live recording, she does amazing things with her voice, like a vocal cirque de soleil.

We recorded a few takes and mixed the multi-part harmonies together to create an album of childrens songs called Mrs. Songbird.

CHRISTIAN VON DER GOLTZ, from Berlin, performed his original composition, "FOREVER TRUE" at a Toronto Jazz Festival concert. His flying fingers create musical combinations on the piano I've never heard before or since.

EVERGREEN GAMELIN performs ONJEUNE (You), as the final selection in this collection. Onjeune was recorded in a public park called the Toronto Music Garden. If you can imagine an orchestra of huge bells spread out around a park, it was a magical moment.


Many thanks to The Toronto Music Garden, Harbourfront Center, Harbourfront Community Center, Toronto Jazz Festival, Ontario Place and Worldfest for letting me manage sound for their live music shows.

And thanks to musicians who said Yes, when they were asked if I could record the concert. There were some beautiful concerts that didn't get recorded because permission wasn't given. These live concert recordings are special moments in musical history.

Live music is a special feeling. There's an energy in live music that studios can't seem to capture.

These live concert recordings are so real, you can feel live concert energy vibrations. So turn up the volume and dance.

Max Sound * Live Concert Recordings
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Thanks to Some

Amazing Musicians

Thanks to the nature of show business, musicians move on and sometimes can't be found. If you find yourself in this collection of live concert recordings, please contact us for a fair share of the royalties.




Ave - Today (Piano Lounge Mix)

Bobby Militello - Wabash Cannonball

Dick Smith & Syncona - Jumping Jumping

Moses Revolution - Melody in Me Head

Soltribe - Leave This Place

Maureen Brown - Everyday I Have The Blues

Harbourfront Chorus - A Quiet Center

The ChoirGirlz - Chocolate Blues

Mary Ellen Moore - Angel Wings

Christian von der Goltz - Forever True

Evergreen Gamelin - Onjeune (You)

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